Contract Review

Know what you are signing... 

We sign so many things in this modern age that we sometimes forget to pay attention.  The credit card machine at the grocery store, the check for a wonderful dinner at a restaurant.  However, there are some documents that we sign that must be reviewed by a competent legal professional. 

Before signing any major document, you should have an attorney review it for pitfalls, "fine print", or to wade through the "legal mumbo jumbo" that could get you in hot water down the line.  I have many years of experience reviewing a number of contracts for clients such as the following:

  • Commercial and Residential Leases
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements
  • LLC Member Agreements
  • and any number of other contracts, too numerous to list... 

If you have an important document that you need reviewed, explained, modified, negotiated, or simply put into non-lawyer language, please contact me for a free consultation. 

You can never be too safe.